Welcome to Wayfarer Cotons located in Connecticut where the Coton de Tulear has become our world and passion since 2004. And where we are devoted to maintaining responsible breeding practices, while providing personalized loving care for our adults and puppies.

We strive to maintain the lovely traits of the Coton de Tulear by selectively breeding Champion bloodlines with excellent health, temperament, and proper structure for what a Coton is supposed to look and act like.

Our specialty is in Therapy dogs, choosing the appropriate temperament, training and socializing puppies to be prepared for their attentive job.  

Why trust us to adopt a Coton?  Before being bred, our parent Cotons are health tested for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasiapatellar luxation, inherited eyes diseases, congenital cardiac disease, and genetic diseases screened by DNA.  These health screenings are performed by veterinary health specialists with whom we rely on for expertise advice.

Our breeding practice is exclusively based on a limited scale for selective breeding goals, meaning we breed for “quality” not quantity.  See our previous puppies on the Gallery page!

Puppies are nurtured and lovingly raised in our home where they are socialized with human adults, children, and other animals.

We will assist you in choosing a companion, performance, therapy or show puppy that best suits your lifestyle, as well as the best accommodating home for our puppies.

Feel free to contact us for our adoption policies and questions about the breed.  Enjoy browsing through the photos of our delightful Coton family!

email: kim@wayfarercotons.com